What lies beneath…?

Eight weeks and three days:
Two months gestation period of whatever hideousness is lurking beneath this bandage chrysalis cast.
I have glimpsed reptilian features in the blink of an eye between cast transitions and I am fearful for the birth, the revelation.

Eight weeks and five days:
I have an illogical sense of bereavement for my old, unbroken, skin and bone leg, as if it were now a survivor of violation, of abuse, of incarceration and I wish I had taken more care of it, as in the passing on of a neglected old friend.
Yet it has not gone, only hidden away from view, from touch, but mysteries gather momentum with time….

Eight weeks and six days:
Freeeedom! Release! Relief! It’s just a leg…

Blinking it’s way into daylight,
The reborn limb appears;
A hostage released into the world,
Marked by captivity,
Unwashed, bearded,

And I rush to meet its needs
Like a doting wife,
Who has waited
Expecting the worst,
Never daring to imagine this day would come.

I touch, tenderly
In disbelief of the return
Back into my care
To nourish and nurture,
In a way I never had before.

I bathe
and sooth
and pamper.

It reaches for the ground,
For it’s roots.
And I place it
We are home.


6 thoughts on “What lies beneath…?

  1. Stupidly I wore a skirt to have my cast removed and had to get the bus home with the world seeing my impossibly hairy, scaly, white and very thin leg. Your post brought back some memories 🙂

    • Hope they weren’t too painful ones Marie….am soooo happy to be out of the cast now. Thanks for reading and commenting. I feel like it’s a really self indulgent blog, but it’s kept me entertained for the duration of my sentence. 🙂
      When did you break your leg?

      • I actually just broke my metatarsal, but managed to break it into four bits. I never was one to do things by halves. This was about five years ago but the memory is still with me. The cast was almost up to my knee and it itched like mad! Glad you’re on the mend now and I e enjoyed the blog 🙂

  2. I can relate to the little mistake we made by not taking care of that step that changed our future. I still have to see that bit about taking care of the leg when it is released from the cast. My husband still says I don’t look down while walking and I desperately need to be extra careful. I hope I do. This was a long lesson and should be learnt well.

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