Mr Gove goes to war!

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Mr Gove Goes To WarMr Gove was dreaming.

He was dreaming a dream of history. It was his favourite period of history, when Britain was Great. When Britannia Ruled the Waves.

He was dreaming of one of his heroes, Lord Palmerston. Lord Palmerston knew how to deal with the world. He knew how to make foreigners do what he wanted. He knew how to make Britain Great.

When Mr Gove woke, he met his friend Mr Cameron. Mr Cameron told him that there was a big problem in Syria. It might be so serious that they would have to go to war.

Mr Gove Goes To War Closer

Mr Gove listened to Mr Cameron. He felt sorry for the poor Syrians – but he remembered his dream. He remembered Lord Palmerston. He remembered what made Britain Great.

‘Be brave,’ he told Mr Cameron. ‘You know what needs to be done.’

But when Mr Gove looked at Mr Cameron he was not…

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