Prosperity please…

I just don’t get it.
I’m sure until that until some time over the last 5 years the word ‘austerity’ had mostly been used to refer to Dickensian novels, The Depression and post WW2 eastern Europe. Now it seems to be something to drown us with on a daily basis….. A great tsunami tidal wave of bankers debt and privatisation impacts heading towards those of us still living on the ground.
But it’s not a tsunami. It’s not drought, nor an earthquake, a famine or a flood. It’s money. Just money. Money. We created it, invented the whole ‘cabbages and kings’ thing, to consolidate power, control and hierarchy.
So…..why does it rule us? Fire, water, earth and air, they are realities to contend with but money is not ruled by the forces of nature so if we have the real resources of knowledge, skill and ability within health, education and social care to look after the social, emotional, educational and physical well-being of each other why is this being so threatened, restricted and ruled by money???? Austerity??Call me simple but I just don’t get it…

Prosperity please
That we might breathe.
debt collectors’ dirty boots,
Filthy, fowl footwear,
Bearing down,
Crushing rib and muscle
Above tightly buckled belt.
Contract the inner core,
Pull up the pelvic floor,
Still they weigh down
Forcing fear and loathing
Pushing hope
And we reach only for our own drop down oxygen mask.
Let us breathe.


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